Top 5 Apps for Project Management

We thought it would be helpful to gather a list of the top 5 apps we use on a regular basis for both our business and for supporting us as part of delivering / managing projects. So here it is in order of use: In at number 1 is: OneNote by Microsoft.  This is a […]

46% of companies think they are not ready for Digital Transformation. Is your organisation ready or not ?

Digital Transformation. The meaning of those two words is radically different depending on where an organization is aligned technologically, but no matter what the definitions, the overall result is the same. It means change. For some companies, it may be the actual systems they use everyday in business while for others, it may be an […]

Creating a happy project team

Creating a happy project team.  Ok, so you are the project manager and your role is to ensure that the project delivers on time, to cost and meets the quality expectations. You are not alone in terms of delivering the project, you will be managing a team of individuals, who are your enablers in terms […]

Project Management Is A Lot Like Baking – a great analogy!

  We love this article by Kiron Bondale, explaining how Project Management is a lot like baking: “Quality In, Quality Out You can clearly taste the difference when you bake with higher quality ingredients. Yes, you could bake a cake with cheaper inputs but isn’t the effort you are putting into the exercise worth the […]

Great Project Managers !

According to Dr Lynda Bourne: “Great project managers are like umbrellas.” “When the criticism is pouring down, they ensure that the team is protected from it. They then ensure that the message passed down is presented as an opportunity to improve, not a problem to be fixed. Similarly, when the sun is out and praise […]