Change management should be managed like a personal change

“If you get the chance, take some time out of your day to watch the TED talk by Jim Hemerling on Change and how to lead in an era of constant change.”

Now, let’s examine some of the points that Jim discusses during his TED talk:

Self Transformation Project – people are enthused and excited by their own self transformation project – for example when they are training for an event such as a marathon.

However, on the flip side:

Organisational Transformation – people are not enthused or excited, since they immediately fear / think about job losses

So how can we encourage or help people feel the same about organisational transformation as they do about organisational transformation ?  Especially when as Jim sets out, that we live in an “era of always on transformation !”

Leaders should focus on 5 strategic imperatives, which focus on putting people first:

1 – Inspire through purpose – connect with the wider team and employees to give them a purpose through the provision of support and development to inspire them for the future

2 – Go all in – think about initiatives that will drive growth and investment to develop not only the leadership team but also the employees / workforce.  It shouldn’t be always about reducing headcount, it should be about recognising and growing the existing employees / workforce to support the change and future state

3 – Enable people with capabilities they need to succeed during transformation – provide training and development to employees / workforce to ensure they have the skills and capabilities to succeed along the way

4 – Instill a culture of continuous learning – provide as part of the transformation and beyond a culture within the company that empowers the employees / workforce to operate within a living learning culture.  Give easy access and time out to learning, whether computer based, classroom based or indeed external training.

5 – Specifically for leaders – the best leaders are those who are”inclusive” leaders, who reach out to gain the hearts and minds of his / her workforce.  And to ask the questions of “what are you seeing that I am missing?”

In summary 

Some really insightful and key strategies being discussed by Jim as part of his TED talk.  Our view is simple, your company is only as good as your people.  Give them the opportunities to develop and grow, as well as to speak up and provide feedback / ideas to increase the companies productivity.  By doing so, you are empowering your workforce to help you steer the correct course and in doing so, will automatically gain the trust and support of your biggest asset and ally to make the transformation – your employees !





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