Project Details

  • To provide SAP Quality Management consulting expertise.
  • Work with Quality representatives from each of Urenco’s sites across UK and Europe.
  • Define the best solution for the business, ensuring compatability across sites.

The Company

URENCO’s principal activity is the provision of a service to enrich uranium to provide fuel for nuclear power utilities. Its enrichment service is mostly provided on a toll basis using customers’ uranium.

URENCO fulfils its customers requirements through its four operational enrichment plants in the UK (URENCO UK), Germany (URENCO Deutschland), the Netherlands (URENCO Nederland) and the US (URENCO USA).

What we did

Worked through the already defined blueprint for Quality Management, highlighting any concerns and also holding workshops to confirm the need for certain functionality.

Identified the data objects that required to be migrated in terms of existing data from other Urenco SAP instances.

Worked with the business to ensure best fit with regards to the final solution and carried out the SAP Quality Management configuration and master data settings.

Finally, worked with the development team to specify, build and test the required enhancements to support the blueprint and final solution.


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