Project Details

  • Work with the support of business analysts to develop the Target Operating Model
  • To develop an appropriate business readiness strategy and plan to support the exiting of all LINK services provisioned through existing Transitional Service Agreement
  • Produce and execute implementation strategy and plan to support migration of all 800 ATMs and 180 IDMs from the LBG ATM and IDM estate, on to TSB ATM and IDM estate
  • Provide full end to end implementation management.
  • Provide extensive stakeholder management across the business.

Company Details

Local banking with TSB means that the money belonging to local communities stays in local communities right here in Britain and nowhere else. We only use the money you deposit with us to lend to local people and businesses, which in turn makes all of our local economies stronger, and that will benefit you and your neighbours.

What We Did

Provided best practice Project Management and Implementation Management, ensuring that the project was controlled, governed and implemented appropriately.  Developed and managed the transition from Current Operating Model (COM) to Target Operating Model, to support the exit of the Transitional Service Agreement and all associated services provisioned under this agreement.  Separately a full end to end migration process was developed to ensure that the ATM’s and IDM’s exited the Lloyds Banking Group network in a controlled manner.

Worked with the main delivery partner, contracted by TSB Bank, to tailor the approach to the ATM and IDM migrations, building in the correct level of controls to support any challenges experienced in the completion of site migrations.  Along with the construction of an appropriate command and control methodology within Lloyds Banking Group, to provide the correct level of monitor and measure, supported by a detailed schedule of events, covering the ATM and IDM migrations, along with the transition of LINK services and decommission of IT BAU activities.


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