LinkedIn training and profile optimisation

LinkedIn was started in 2002, solely as a means for recruiting candidates in to the appropriate jobs.  In March 2011, LinkedIn reached a major milestone of over 120 million users worldwide and is continuing to add users at a rate of 1 million per week.  In fact 2 new members join LinkedIn every second and there are around 4 million users currently registered in the UK, with this figure growing rapidly.

The majority of businesses are turning to social media to find and evaluate candidates, in fact 94% of hiring managers use or plan to use LinkedIn for recruiting.  50% of companies in 2016 now only recruit through LinkedIn and this figure is expected to grow.  Over 6 million live jobs were advertised and recruited through LinkedIn in 2016.

Ok, so far we have put a focus on the individuals who are already employed and perhaps looking to either get head hunted, looking for their next opportunity or indeed are currently out of work.

So, how can LinkedIn help businesses and why is it important to have a presence on this professional network?  LinkedIn recently provided a facility whereby it is now possible to showcase your company through a company profile, giving details of services offered.  However, the real power of LinkedIn for businesses is the impact that this provides in terms of Search Engine Optimisation, in other words how it can help to push your company to the front page in terms of Google and other popular search engines.

LinkedIn helps to promote your personal brand along with your company brand and the forecast is that people will turn to social networks, like LinkedIn, to search for services rather than simply utilising search engines.  So can you afford not to have a fully optimised presence on LinkedIn?

So it is clear that LinkedIn is the place to be, however, you have to make sure that you can be found, by consistently appearing high within search results.  This is where our LinkedIn profile builder and LinkedIn profile optimisation services come in.

We also provide tailored LinkedIn one to one training courses and regularly run group LinkedIn training courses across the North West, details of which can be found within our blog.  We have also written a best selling book which is available through Amazon stores worldwide, so we definitely know what we are talking about.